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newjack-part2.jpgOn April 30th 2014, Sascha Bailey will be unveiling his latest venture and foray into the art world with ‘The Route Less Travelled’ – an exhibition that explores the idea that education is not limited to the classroom.


The showcase is a joint effort between Sascha and long-time friends Conor Fitzgerald-Bond and Lily Bloom who have collaborated to form The Something Else Collective. The trio are touted to be the next big creative powerhouse of Gen Y.


The show which runs from 30th of April @ 17 floral Street, Covent Garden will display works from eight artists who have not received a formal degree education, whether through choice or circumstance. Each artist has a unique and distinctive style proving that education is not always a requirement when exploring creativity but in some cases may be a hindrance.


press.tif“this exhibition aims to show that there is no one right way of doing things creatively. and that nothing worth knowing can be taught. You must learn it for yourself ” – Sascha Bailey


Following in his father’s footsteps and joining his brother on this project is Fenton Bailey who will be presenting a series of photographs that expose his ability to objectify his subject transforming the human body into abstract shapes of beauty (left). Fenton’s highly successful debut show in 2013, ‘Human Relations’, which was also curated by Sascha, garnered a star studded crowd including Jessica lowndes, scot young, lilah parsons and of course proud dad, David Bailey.


 Working with family is great. It's belligerent, stressful, personal, emotional, fiery, disastrous, but always rewarding. 
– Fenton Bailey


The exhibition will also be the first time Conor Hirst will be revealing his sculptures in which he deconstructs and reforms ordinary objects in a way that shows their effects on the world around us.


Exciting works from photographer Thomas Oliver-Betts, graphic designer Tom Hunt, photorealistic illustrator Johann Lester, painter Ollie Sylvester, painter/ illustrator Charlie Harney and Fenton Baily Rich Simmons will also be on display and a series of live demonstrations and installations are planned for:

·         28th April – 1st May 2014, Charlie Harney

·         2nd May – 5th May 2014, Johann Lester

·         6th May – 9th May 2014, Ollie Sylvester

·         10th May – 13th May 2014, Rich Simmons


Believing it’s important to give back to the community, The Something Else Collective will be donating 10% of all profit to The Princes Trust.


 ‘The Route Less Travelled’ curated by Sascha Bailey from The Something Else Collective will be displayed at 17  from XX – XX. Entry is free.



For more information please contact:

Natalie F. or Shannon at Brand Revolution on 0207 259 9499 or at /


Notes to Editor

*Interviews and photo opportunities are available upon request.


About The Something Else Collective

the something else collective is a group of creative people working to help each other    painters, photographers, clothing designers and musicians. all play a fundamental roll in what we do all brining forms of art into play. 


Sascha Bailey – Curator

 Since the age of 12 sascha has been working part time at art galleries. Leaving school at 16 and curating his first show at 18. He now turns his efforts to creating a new platform for young creative people.



Conor Fitzgerald-Bond – Creative Director



Lily Bloom – Creative Assistant

Deciding against university, Lily started her career as an intern at M±P Models London. Working her way up she then became a junior booker before leaving to establish The Something Else Collective.


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Artist Biographies


Johann Lester – Photorealistic Illustrator

With just a standard brio, Lester has managed to take photo-realism and turn it into hyper-realism. The depth of tone and the rich saturation in each of his creations pushes the imagery beyond the realms of the canvas.


Lester started studies at Brighton University, but due to circumstances beyond his control he was never able to pursue his degree to the end. Whilst currently working as a waiter Lester’s’ artistic passion has never ceased. “I draw in the dead of night on my lap, on my bed with headphones in- I have to be completely alone with the pen and paper” these pieces show the intimate relationship between an artist and his tools; beautifully crafting a story which truly has to be read between the lines.


Rich Simmons

Rich Simmons is an award winning rising star in the British art scene. Rich’s work first exploded onto the commercial art scene with a street art piece celebrating the royal wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton in 2011. The piece entitled ‘Future ***King’ depicted the royal couple as Sid & Nancy of the Sex Pistols, capturing the feelings of a nation in a fresh and witty manner. Images of the work reached a global audience within hours of its completion.


Rich went on to exhibit in several group shows at The Opera Gallery on New Bond Street and had a solo pop up show as part of London Fashion Week. A successful sale at a Bonhams street art auction and a cover magazine feature about being the first street artist to go to Azerbaijans capital Baku rounded out a hugely successful 2011.


Rich’s artwork deconstructs objects and relationships that are dear to him. He compartmentalizes items and subcultures and celebrates their relationships. Involving the viewer in direct commentary, he juxtaposes their understanding of subject matter with his own sometimes abrupt, opinions and sense of humour. His street art roots are reflected in the use of his often elaborately detailed stencils.

Rich formed ‘Art is the Cure’ in 2008 to spread a message of support, understanding and escapism through creativity. As a mild autistic himself, Rich has first hand understanding of the release creativity can provide. He now uses sales of his artwork to continue to spread his ‘Art is the Cure’ message and supports a number of partner charities.


Ollie Sylvester – Painter

Ollie is an urban artist.  His work gained international recognition when he was invited to China as one of the few western artists to receive funding from the Chinese government to showcase his work back in April 2012.


The art-works themselves are structured with disciplined straight lines taking place of the natural curves we find in the real world. The faces he paints are gaunt figures with dark unblinking eyes. There is an emotion attached so firmly to each piece you can almost feel them staring back. . His work encapsulates what it means to be an urban artist in London, with not only his striking graffiti work, but also with his dark ordered works on canvas.


Ollie completed an art foundation course - most of his time bunking off to do graffiti. At 17/18 he already considered himself to be a well-rounded artist fast developing his own style.  Ollie’s thoughts on art college “I’m sure that art collage could have livened me up to new mediums and techniques and potentially given me a leg up. But I don’t think that you can enter that environment without being artistically influenced, and I didn’t fancy that!”


Fenton Bailey – Photographer

After the success of his debit show at the imitate modern last may “human Relations”. Fenton has been working hard assisting his father, while with any spare time he has it’ll be shooting mostly with his muse.

In this series of works Fenton exposés his ability to objectify his subject with the human form changed into abstract shapes of beauty. 


Hand printing is at the epicentre of Fenton’s work. With a personal and unique touch in every print Fenton says 

“I’ve always liked working with my hands, I didn't get into photography to work in an office. I do use computers but it kind of takes the fun out of it for me.”


Fenton left school after GCSE`s  thinking that he would be better off making money rather than wasting time he says “school was never really for me, I found it hard to learn anything from a teacher who couldn't see outside the box. I only had two teachers who could do just that, an art and a physics teacher”.


Charlie Harney – Painter / Illustrator

Charlie Harny


Working mainly with acrylic on canvas, Charlie draws inspiration from popular gaming culture saying “games are so fantastically put together these days, they are such an undertaking involving amazing people who I consider to all to artists from coders to the designers. This is why they inspire me so much”


His work in this show draws on sacred geometry for inspiration. Charlie's work is intricate and precise, taking the idea that sacred geometry contains the secrets to life, health and our universe to the next level. His often psychedelic designs seem to create a world of their own. Considering his style as cubist, Charlie draws from Picasso’s Cubist period for inspiration.


Charlie has been working at marks & Spencer’s since leaving school at six teen. Working on his art late into the night in what little free time he has.



Thomas Oliver-Betts – Photographer

Thomas Oliver Betts is a London based Photographer who has worked with such clients as i-D Magazine, i-D Online,, Paul Smith, British Fashion Council, Roland Mouret, Richard Anderson, 13 Savile Row, Topman Magazine, The Ones 2 Watch, ASOS Magazine, Bumble and Bumble, Clash Magazine. Just to name a few... As well as being the co-founder and editor of annual style publication Man Quarterly. Still only at the tender age of 23 we are expecting to see much more from him.

Currently he is working on Dapper Gents London - a photography exhibition celebrating black men in fashion.


Tom Hunt – Graphic Designer

Tom Hunt


Tom Hunt`s work is a light hearted and satirical look at the world around him. Tom has a fantastically vivid imagination with the cult movie’s and Japanese anime inspiring many of his pieces. Ever since I was a wee lad I have been drawing characters and making my own toys. What I do now is an extension of what I've been doing all along.” 


Tom left school at sixteen to pursue a career feeling that “education doesn't end at the school gates”


Connor Hirst – Sculptor